ISLA is recruiting pediatric PT’s, OT’s and SLP’s to travel to Jalapa, Nicaragua to work with the local disability community.  

Volunteers will be paired up with Nicaraguan therapists.  Work will be done in the PT clinic and on home visits.

Targeted activities are:

It could be a one-week or two-week trip.  A two week engagement is better.

Volunteers will fly to Managua.  From the airport they will travel to Jalapa with an escort.  Transportation will be via public express buses or an arranged ride.  Jalapa is six hours north of Managua.  Lodging will be at a nice local hotel and meals will be at local restaurants.

The clients only speak Spanish.  Translators will be provided.

Jalapa is a safe town, there are no special safety concerns.  You can walk from the hotel to the PT clinic and around the town.  An escort will be with the volunteers for the whole trip.

The clients are warm, welcoming and very appreciative.  This is a unique opportunity to spend time with Nicaraguan families and learn about the Nicaraguan health care system.  Past volunteers have really enjoyed the experience.

Trip costs can be considered an in-kind donation, and can be included as a charitable donation on your annual tax return.   

The trip dates have not been finalized.  We have some flexibility and can probably set the dates based on volunteer availability.

The Jalapa area has a comfortable climate.  In the daytime you will be comfortable in a light shirt and in the evening you may want a sweater or jacket.  Jalapa has grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, markets, coffee shops and bars.  There are interesting hikes and activities in the surrounding area.

wheelchair2If you are interested in this opportunity please contact:

Dave OBrien  -  dcobrien1@gmail.com

Jon Kerr  -  jon@isla.cc